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About Riyad Al Shuja’a Fund

Investment Objective

Since its inception on 31st December 2002, this Riyad Al Shuja a fund has gained immense popularity amongst investors in Saudi Arabia. This fund is ideal for people looking for greater returns as it not only offers desirable yields but also preserves some of their wealth in the money market. It ensures making investments in equities that are registered on Tadawul Stock Exchange. 

The fund's assets are primarily invested in vulnerable funds like regional and worldwide equity investments, ETFs, real estate development funds, and private equity funds, with a portion also invested in fixed-income funds such as sukuk, real estate, and securitization funds.

The investing team of the fund undertakes rigorous study and evaluation in order to find firms with solid foundations and growth potential. In addition, the team analyses market trends and economic data to discover potential investment possibilities while handling risk. The fund allows investors to participate in a diverse portfolio of Saudi Arabian shares that would otherwise be unavailable to ordinary investors.

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FAQs about Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund

What kind of returns does Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund offer?

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Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund is known for offering extraordinary returns to traders on their hard-earned money, which they invest in this fund. However, they must remain up-to-date with the market trends to make wise investment decisions.

How risky is the Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund?

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Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund is a high-risk mutual fund that demands the traders make the investment over a long timeframe to gain desired yields.

What is the minimum amount that you need to invest in the Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund?

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The minimum amount needed for investing in the Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund is SAR 5000. This amount gives a clear picture to investors to plan their investments.

What is the annual management fee of Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund?

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The annual management cost of Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund is 0.65%. This value is paid to fund managers for their exceptional services.

What is the Fund Type of Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund?

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Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund is an open-ended fund. This states that traders can buy their desired number of fund units at any given time.

Who manages the Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund?

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Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund is managed by Riyad Capital. Situated in the Middle East, the company offers asset management services to cover their client's needs.

What is the Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund's Goal?

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Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund's goal is to earn revenue in the long run by investing in securities and equities that are based on Shariah guidelines.

What is the expense ratio of the Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund?

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The expense ratio of the Riyad Al Shuja'a Fund is 0.17%. This value is deducted on an annual basis from the investor's account to cover several costs.

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