HSBC Sukuk Fund

About HSBC Sukuk Fund

HSBC Sukuk Fund is a popular mutual fund in Saudi Arabia that was launched in 2012. This open-ended fund aims to accomplish revenue and capital appreciation over the mid to long tenure. They do this by investing in Sukuk released worldwide and domestically, Murabaha operations, and Sharia-approved certificates. 

Investing in issued securities may include, but is not limited to, investment funds issued or administered by HSBC Saudi Arabia or any of its affiliates. The fund's performance is assessed against the success of the HSBC Saudi Sukuk Index, a composite index that incorporates the Dow Jones Sukuk Index. The Fund profile contains all relevant information.

To increase the fund's income, the Portfolio Manager may choose to invest the fund's excess capital in relatively brief Money Market Funds. Because the fund is revenue-generating, its profits are retained rather than distributed to Unit Holders. The value and cost of the Shares will reflect the fund's income reinvestment.

This fund invests in a targeted portfolio and charges a 1% subscription fee. It is treated in a proactive and adaptive manner to provide investors with outcomes that are not based on a baseline or weighted indexes. If you want to invest in this fund but don't know where to start, Nakla is your one-stop-shop. The program simplifies the trading process and helps users make informed investing selections.

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FAQs about HSBC Sukuk Fund

What Kind of Returns does HSBC Sukuk Fund Provide?

HSBC Sukuk fund offers **% return on its investment. However, you must remember that you must invest for a long tenure to gain the benefits.

How risky is the HSBC Sukuk Fund?

HSBC Sukuk fund is a medium-risk fund that is best suited for investors who know Sharia-compliant funds and know the ups and downs of investing in the equities market.

What minimum amount do you need to invest in the HSBC Sukuk Funds?

The minimum amount you must invest in the HSBC Sukuk fund is USD 25000. This implies that they do not have a fixed number of shares and are "open" to new investments, with shares generated or wiped off as needed.

What is the Average Annual Management Fee of HSBC Sukuk Fund?

The Average Annual Management Fee of HSBC Sukuk Fund is 1%. This sum is compensated for the financial managers' exceptional service. They use their expertise and skills to select assets and manage portfolios on your behalf.

What is the Fund Type of HSBC Sukuk Fund?

HSBC Sukuk Fund is an open-ended fund. Hence, investors are transparent with their investment motives, risk appetite, and investment horizon.

Who manages the HSBC Sukuk Fund?

HSBC Sukuk fund is managed by HSBC Saudi Arabia. The knowledgeable staff in Riyadh offers expertise and suggestions on the Saudi stock market.

What is the HSBC Sukuk fund's goal?

The fund will seek to generate revenue and growth prospects over the medium and extended period by investing in worldwide Sukuk and Shariah-compliant money market instruments, fixed deposits, and certifications.

What is the expense ratio of the HSBC Sukuk Fund?

The expense ratio of HSBC Sukuk Fund is 0.25%. This ratio is the value you must pay the fund manager annually for managing your funds.

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