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About HSBC GCC Equity Fund

Investment Objective

HSBC GCC Equity fund was launched in the year 2006 in Kuwait with the launch price of SAR 10. An open-ended fund, HSBC GCC Equities Fund is a Shariah-compliant equity investment fund sponsored by HSBC asset management company. The fund aims to get long-term price appreciation profits by investing in Shariah-compliant stocks. These equities are listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange. 

Moreover, several equities choices are present for international buyers on the stock markets of the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. The fund will invest in stocks adhering to the Shariah framework prescribed by HSBC's Shariah Supervisory Committee. It is valued on Monday and Wednesday. 

The cut-off time is prior to the closing of business on Sunday & Tuesday for Monday & Wednesday Valuations, respectively. The fund's success is influenced by the efficiency of the S&P GCC Composite Shariah Index. As per the policy of income and profit distribution policy, profits are not divided. Instead, it gets added to the fund assets. This is done to reinvest the income and profits to raise the unit price.

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FAQs about HSBC GCC Equity Fund

What Kind of Returns does HSBC GCC Equity Fund Provide?

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HSBC GCC Equity Fund provides 37.93% YTD returns on the investment made by the investors. However, investors need to remember that they should invest in this fund only when they are ready to wait for long tenure to reap benefits.

How risky is the HSBC GCC Equity Fund?

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As it is an equity fund, HSBC GCC Equity Fund is a high-risk fund. These funds are ideal if you are willing to face more risks in exchange for more significant rewards. However, you must remember to monitor the fund's progress daily to verify that it is still operating in accordance with your financial objectives.

What minimum amount do you need to invest in the HSBC GCC Equity Fund?

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The minimum amount required to invest in the HSBC GCC Equity Fund is SAR 5000. The value doesn't get heavy on the pockets of newbie investors; hence, this fund is suitable for investors of all levels.

What is the Average Annual Management Fee of HSBC GCC Equity Fund?

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The Average Annual Management Fee of HSBC GCC Equity Fund is 2.30% per annum. This fee is often utilized as a critical factor when making any investment decision.

What is the Fund Type of HSBC GCC Equity Fund?

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HSBC GCC Equity Fund is an open-ended fund. This implies that the fund purchases and trades units regularly and thus enables investors to enter and exit based on their preference.

Who manages the HSBC GCC Equity Fund?

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HSBC asset management manages HSBC GCC Equity Fund. These fund managers have a robust heritage of connecting their clients to worldwide investment chances.

What is the HSBC GCC Equity fund's goal?

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The fund is an open investment fund that seeks medium and long investment returns by dealing in firm equities registered on multiple GCC stock exchanges (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar).

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