GCC Equity Fund

About GCC Equity Fund

GCC Equity Fund came into existence in 2005, and since then, it has been in the news. With the annual management charge of 1.25%, the investors can gain immense profit by investing in this fund. However, they must ensure that they are making an investment in the fund for a long tenure. The fund managers use their expertise and make wise investment decisions on behalf of the clients. 

This fund manager adopts an active investing approach, picking assets that it thinks will increase in value, relying on an industry analysis or the predicted yield or growth of particular stocks. When choosing security investments for the GCC Equity Fund, the Fund Manager takes a long-term perspective, concentrating on the market rate of a company's securities in relation to the Fund Manager's assessment of the company's potential long-term income, asset value, and cash flow potential.

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FAQs about GCC Equity Fund

What Kind of Returns does GCC Equity Fund Provide?

You may earn up to *** by investing in GCC Equity Fund. However, because it is an equity fund, you must invest for a more extended period to get the projected return.

How risky is the GCC Equity Fund?

GCC Equity Fund is a high-risk investment vehicle. However, how much you should invest in this fund is your choice and is based on your investing profile. If you possess a high-risk tolerance, you may invest in this fund and start generating money immediately.

What minimum amount do you need to invest in the GCC Equity Fund?

The GCC Equity Fund requires a minimum investment of SAR 5000. This sum signifies that an investor does not have free rein to invest or buy anything. Instead, if they invest in this fund consistently, they must acquire this lower limit.

What is the Average Annual Management Fee of GCC Equity Fund?

GCC Equity Fund charges an annual management fee of 1.95 percent on average. This sum is frequently used as a primary consideration when making financial selections. This is because you must compensate fund managers for effectively managing their holdings.

What is the Fund Type of GCC Equity Fund?

GCC Equity Fund is a mutual fund. These mutual funds have the ability to issue an endless series of innovative units, which are valued daily based on their NAV.

Who manages the GCC Equity Fund?

Alawwal Invest handles GCC Equity Fund. Their corporate finance division's structure serves the consumers by leveraging their squad's artistic and intellectual capabilities while enabling them to provide a wide range of leading products and financial advice.

What is the GCC Equity fund's goal?

The GCC Equity fund aims to give clients a Shariah-compliant investment for consistent development, with optimal capital protection and improved liquidity. The Funds invest in Shariah-compliant trade financing transactions (Murabaha) and Sukuk.

What is the expense ratio of the GCC Equity Fund?

The expense ratio of the GCC Equity Fund is 0.78%. This percentage is the value that the investors need to pay annually to the fund managers for handling their portfolios.

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