Audi Income Fund

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About Audi Income Fund in Saudi Arabia

Investment Objective

Audi Income fund is a renowned fund in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is managed by Audi Capital. The firm is certified by the Capital Market Authority to provide its services in the region. They have onboarded highly efficient fund managers who are responsible for handling the operations of the fund. They take into account several factors before investing in any equities and ensure to invest in one that provides enormous profits.

Investors can begin investing in the fund with a minimal amount of USD 0. The best part of this fund is that it has not kept any minimum value and has left it to the investors to make a decision on what amount to invest. They can analyze their risk tolerance and expenses before investing in this open-ended fund. Moreover, they must decide whether to invest in lumpsum or SIP.

This fund can be the perfect investment for those who are wishing to diversify their portfolio. This means adding this medium-risk fund to your portfolio can give you sustainable returns on the investment and also diversify your account.

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Audi Capital
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FAQs about Audi Income Fund

What are the Returns associated with Audi Income Fund?

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Audi Income Fund is highly popular for providing outstanding returns on investments to users who make investments in this fund.

What is the risk associated with Audi Income Fund?

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Audi Income Fund is a medium-risk fund that is best suited for investors who possess immense knowledge about the share market in Saudi Arabia.

What minimum amount do you need to invest in the Audi Income Fund?

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The minimum amount required for investing in the Audi Income Fund is USD 0. This states that the fund has not fixed any minimum value for investment.

What is the Annual Management cost of Audi Income Fund?

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The annual management fee of Audi Income Fund is 0.75%. The fund charges this value to make the payment to professional experts handling your portfolio.

What type of fund is Audi Income Fund?

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Audi Income Fund is said to be an open-ended fund that implies that individuals can sell units of funds without any hassle.

Who manages the Audi Income Fund?

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Audi Income Fund is handled by Audi Capital. The firm is recognized for offering exceptional investment services in the region.

What is the Audi Income Fund's objectives?

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The primary motive of the Audi Income Fund is to earn revenue by making the investment in Sharia-compliant equities.

What is the expense ratio fixed for the Audi Income Fund?

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The expense ratio of the Audi Income Fund is 0.56%. This value is charged by investors on an annual basis.

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