Yaqeen Capital

A full-service investment bank, Yaqeen Capital, provides excellent experience in the areas of investment banking, private equity, wealth management, trading, and market research. Wealth management, corporate finance, licensing, selling, and research reports are a few examples. They prioritize their audiences, and this is the direction in which they wish to take Yaqeen moving ahead. The firm implements digital innovations that allow them to prioritize its clients' needs above anything else. Moreover, they make a strategy that enables them to be there for their users whenever they need it. At Yaqeen, they want to go beyond traditional corporate limits and seize new development prospects. They have faith in the future, and it is now.

With a paid-up capital of 1 billion Saudi Riyals, the Yaqeen Capital bank ranked on top in the list of investment banks that receive a validation from the Capital Market Authority in the Middle-east region. They are allowed to offer trading, administering, organizing, consulting, and custody services under the terms of our license. 

With the steady growth in their private investment, the company started a closed joint stock corporation (FALCOM Holding) in April 2017. To enrich the operational and fiscal effectiveness of the firm, Yaqeen's capital was minimized to SR 150 million, and SR 1.155 Billion was allotted to Falcom Holding Company.

They aim to provide holistic banking solutions that constantly assist customers in achieving their financial objectives and being acknowledged and chosen financial advisers. Moreover, their goal is to combine knowledge and creativity to steer Saudi Arabia's investment banking industry into the future.

The company's financial products and wealth-maximizing solutions are built on the foundation of its Islamic beliefs and Shariah principles. When you choose FALCOM, you are selecting a team of top-tier financiers, consultants, and research experts who will direct your investments by learning about your dreams and ambitions. The distinction in our team's energetic decision-making skills, which we apply to every investment option using our unique 3i strategy.

List of Yaqeen Capital Mutual Fund

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Key Information About Yaqeen Capital Mutual Fund

Mutual fund name :
Yaqeen Capital Mutual Fund
Asset Management Company :
Yaqeen Financial (Yaqeen Capital) Company
Sponsor Name :
M.D. & Board Members Names :
Abdulmehsen bin Mohammad Al Saleh, Moath Qasem Alkhasawneh, Fahed bin Ibrahim Al Mufarej, Mohammad Ibrahim Abu Jabal, Salman Abdulaziz Bin Shehween
Trustee :
Website :
Phone Number :
800 124 1124
Registrar Address :
Olaya Street, Post Office Box 884, Riyadh 11421, Saudi Arabia
Email :

How to Invest in a Yaqeen Capital Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds are a great approach to diversify your portfolio for most investors without incurring additional costs or trouble. You benefit from immediate diversification because they generally possess hundreds or even thousands of alternative investments, bonds, and other instruments. To get started investing in Yaqeen capital mutual funds, you can do it either way:

Invest Directly Via Yaqeen Capital:

Purchasing mutual funds directly from the financial firms that provide and administer them is one frequently disregarded choice. Each company provides at least a few distinct funds, including high-yield bond funds, actively managed stock funds, and passive index funds, all of which are intended to cater to different types of investors and investing objectives.

Purchasing mutual funds directly from the company offers several benefits, including no brokerage or sales charges. Much of the money you contribute gets into the fund and is immediately put to work for you. However, the main drawback is that you can only invest in that firm's family of funds.

Offline Investment Via Broker:

You can also invest in this mutual fund via a mutual fund broker who will provide full assistance during the entire investment process. They offer you the data you want, like the characteristics of various plans and the documentation required to complete your investment. Moreover, they will also advise you on which projects to invest in. They will charge you a price for this, which will be taken from the overall investment amount.

Online Via Official Site:

Nowadays, most fund companies provide an online platform for investing in mutual funds. You must complete the essential data according to the directions on the fund house's official website and submit it. At the backend, the information will be checked, and after it has been, you may begin investing. Most people choose to invest in mutual funds online since it is simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Through Mobile App:

Several fund companies allow investors to make investments via a mobile app. The mobile app would let users see account statements, acquire or sell units, participate in mutual fund schemes, and monitor other folio-related information. You can also track the fund's performance before investing. Moreover, you can take assistance from the fund managers who can guide you in the right direction and make your investment process seamless.

FAQs About Yaqeen Capital Mutual Fund

Is Yaqeen Capital Mutual Fund good?

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Falcom Saudi Equity fund is the best Yaqeen Capital Mutual fund. It is a Shariah-compliant fund that requires the investors to invest for a longer duration to reap its benefits. The fund is known for providing long-term capital appreciation and growth.

Which is the best Yaqeen Capital Mutual Fund?

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Falcom Saudi Equity fund is the best Yaqeen Capital Mutual fund. It is a Shariah-compliant fund that requires the investors to invest for a longer duration to reap its benefits. The fund is known for providing long-term capital appreciation and growth.

How to withdraw Yaqeen Capital Mutual Fund investment?

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In order to withdraw Yaqeen capital mutual funds, you just need to go to the online transaction page. Log in with your folio number, select the scheme, the number of units you wish to redeem, and finish the transaction. If you have made the investment via the Nakla app, the withdrawal process gets more hassle-free.