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About Alpha Murabaha Fund

Investment Objective

Established in the year 2018, Alpha Murabaha fund is a well-known mutual fund in Saudi Arabia that offers moderate returns to users on investment. As it is a low-risk investment fund, it comes with very less risk and offers stable yields. To serve this purpose, the fund majirly invests in debt instruments. It also helps to improve a portfolio owner's risk-reward relationship.

This open-ended fund is succesfully handled by Alpha Capital and the custodian is Al-Bilad Capital. It onboards efficient fund managers who know the ins and outs of the share market. Having worked in this arena for long, these professionals ensure to select the debt instruments wisely to make the investment. The fund is valued on every business day. 

Investors willing to start their investment journey can begin investing in this fund with a minimum value of SAR 10,000. However, they must analyze their risk-appetite and income before investing in this fund. They must keep a close-eye on the fund’s performance and make the investment for a shorter tenure to reap the benefits.

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FAQs about Alpha Murabaha Fund

What returns are associated with Alpha Murabaha Fund?

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Alpha Murabaha Fund provides exceptional returns to traders on their investments. They can invest for a short duration and gain desired returns.

How risky is the Alpha Murabaha Fund?

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Alpha Murabaha Fund is a low-risk investment. This states that the fund is ideal for people with low-risk appetites and who don’t want long-term commitments.

What is the minimum amount required to invest in the Alpha Murabaha Fund?

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The minimum amount one must have when investing in the Alpha Murabaha Fund is SAR 10,000. This value defines the amount with which investors can start their investments.

What is the annual management fee of Alpha Murabaha Fund?

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The annual management cost of Alpha Murabaha Fund is 0.45%. Investors investing in this fund require to pay this value to investment managers.

What is the Fund Type of Alpha Murabaha Fund?

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Alpha Murabaha Fund is an open-ended fund. This states that the fund’s units can be bought and sold anytime without any hassle.

Who manages the Alpha Murabaha Fund?

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Alpha Murabaha Fund is successfully handled by Alpha Capital. The company is widely popular for providing investment services in the region.

What is the Alpha Murabaha Fund's Goal?

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The major goal of the Alpha Murabaha Fund is to gain capital revenue in the long tenure by investing the Shariah-compliant funds.

What is the expense ratio of the Alpha Murabaha Fund?

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The expense ratio of the Alpha Murabaha Fund is 0.17%. This is the annual income demanded by the fund from the investors.

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