Alinma Saudi Equity Fund

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About Alinma Saudi Equity Fund

Investment Objective

Alinma Saudi Equity fund came into existence in 2011. It is an open-ended fund that comes with high risk. Thus, investors planning to invest in this fund need to be careful and keep a thorough check on the fund’s performance. 

This fund in Saudi Arabia gives the desirable profits when investing for over 5-8 years. This is one of the significant reasons why it is top-rated for long-tenure financial objectives. Moreover, it is known for offering inflation-adjusted profits. Moreover, in the positive market cycle, this Alinma fund has the ability to exceed the set standard.

Managed by Alinma Investment Company, the fund managers of this fund possess detailed knowledge about the financial market. Hence, they ensure to invest in such equities and securities that offer reasonable returns on the investment. They put all their effort and energy to exceed the benchmark set with their active management.

With a subscription charge of 1.5%, the minimum amount fixed for the investment is 5000 SAR. This value is set by the fund managers taking into account the several factors that impact the fund. The valuation of the fund is done on Monday and Wednesday. Similarly, the announcement is made on Tuesday and Thursday.

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FAQs about Alinma Saudi Equity Fund

What Kind of Returns does Alinma Saudi Equity Fund offer?

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Alinma Saudi Equity fund is known for providing reasonable returns on the investment made by investors. However, the investors should ensure to invest for a more extended period to gain desired returns.

How risky is the Alinma Saudi Equity Fund?

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The risk associated with the Alinma Equity Fund is high. Therefore, this fund is ideal for such investors who can keep track of the fund’s performance throughout and study the market.

What minimum amount do you need to invest in the Alinma Saudi Equity Fund?

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The minimum amount you must keep in your account for investing in Alinma Saudi Equity Fund is 5000 SAR. Investors need to have this amount to start their investment journey in this fund.

What is the average Annual Management Fee of Alinma Saudi Equity Fund?

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The annual management fee of this Saudi Equity Fund is 1.75%. The fund managers who are responsible for looking after your portfolio charge this amount from your profit earned on the investment.

What is the Fund Type of Alinma Saudi Equity Fund?

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Alinma Saudi Equity Fund is an open-ended fund. This implies that you can enjoy excellent liquidity when investing in this fund.

Who manages the Alinma Saudi Equity Fund?

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Alinma Saudi Equity Fund is managed by Alinma Investment Company. The firm offers services such as investment services, asset management services, and many more.

What is the Alinma Saudi Equity Fund’s goal?

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Alinma Saudi Equity fund aims to grow the capital invested in Shariah-compliant stocks over a long period. It also strives hard to accomplish performance that surpasses the standard with the help of active management.

What is the expense ratio of the Alinma Saudi Equity Fund?

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0.55% is the expense ratio of the Alinma Saudi Equity fund. This value is charged regularly by the fund managers from the investors for handling their portfolios.

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