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About Alinma IPO Fund in Saudi Arabia

Investment Objective

An open-ended fund, Alinma IPO fund started its operations in 2015. Since then, the fund has managed to grab the eyeballs of investors due to its investment returns. Investors can start their investment journey with just 5000 SAR. This is the minimum value that any needs to start investing in this fund and start gaining profit.

The subscription charge of the fund is set at 1.5%. Investors need to pay this amount when investing in this fund. When it comes to the valuation and announcement days, it is to be noted that the fund is valued every Monday and Wednesday. Similarly, the announcement of the fund is made on every Tuesday and Thursday.

Handled by Alinma Investment firm, the fund charges a 1 percent management fee from its investors. This amount is deducted from the profits earned by the investors. This is the minimal amount that is given to the fund managers for successfully handling the investor’s portfolio. They ensure to invest in such securities that provide high yields.

The fund managers strive hard to accomplish wealth maximization in the long run by making the investment in IPO of Middle Eastern firms based on Shariah guidelines. Apart from this, it also invests in Rump offerings and Saudi Arabia firms that are Shariah compliant and have been registered on the Saudi share market for at least three years.

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FAQs about Alinma IPO Fund

What Kind of Returns does Alinma IPO Fund offer?

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Alinma IPO fund offers excellent returns on the investment made by the investors. However, the investors must ensure to invest for at least 5 years or more to gain desirable returns.

How risky is the Alinma IPO Fund?

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Alinma IPO Fund is a high-risk fund suitable for investors with a high-risk appetite. Investors must assess their risk and budget before investing in this fund.

What minimum amount do you need to invest in the Alinma IPO Fund?

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The minimum amount stated for investing in this IPO Fund is 5000 SAR. This minimum amount is decided by the fund managers involved in handling the fund.

What is the average Annual Management Fee of Alinma IPO Fund?

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The annual management fee of this IPO Fund is 1%. The fund managers charge this minimal amount for handling the investment on behalf of the investors.

What is the Fund Type of Alinma IPO Fund?

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Alinma IPO Fund is an open-ended fund. The investors get an opportunity to purchase or withdraw the funds at their will. They can analyze the conventional performance of the fund and understand how it has performed in distinct market cycles.

Who manages the Alinma IPO Fund?

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Alinma Investment Company manages Alinma IPO Fund. The company aims to exceed the expectations of its clients by offering outstanding investment services.

What is the Alinma IPO Fund’s goal?

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The major objective of the Alinma IPO fund is to gain capital appreciation in the long run by investing in IPO securities based on Shariah guidelines, right issues, and more.

What is the expense ratio of the Alinma IPO Fund?

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The expense ratio of the Alinma IPO fund is 0.31 percent. Investors need to pay this amount to the fund managers for handling their money.

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