Nakla Announced the Launch of Mobile App

August 8, 2022

Nakla, an investment platform, announced the launch of its mobile app in August. It aims to allow investors to manage their investment with just a click.

Areej M Alturki
Areej M Alturki
Founder, Nakla

Nakla is a renowned investment platform in Saudi Arabia and we are soon going to launch our mobile app. The app aims to deliver more lucrative experiences to our users and enable them to make an investment from the comfort of their place and time. Moreover, it gives an excellent mobile experience and the extra benefit of zero-commission trading. 

We offer approximately 500 mutual funds and shares to customers to select from and decide where to invest. Other investing options comprise investment trusts and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The app enables the users to link all their investments in one place and keep track of them together. 

We showcase interactive graphs, headlines, trade notifications, and real-time signals in the app. This helps clients spread bets or sell CFDs on commodities and futures trading on various assets. People can also get help from our portfolio managers before making final investment decisions. Based on their requirements and budgets, our portfolio managers may suggest the best fund to invest in which they can make profits. The app's release aligns with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 goals of enabling innovative technologies and encouraging digitalization.

In the previous years, there has been a drastic shift from desktop to mobile trading by investors. Two factors have aided in the acceleration of this occurrence. First, smartphones are becoming more capable, and second, the amount of share trading applications is expanding. The numbers are crucial. As per App Radar, the top ten UK investing apps received an anticipated 3.1 million Android installs on Google Play in 2020/21. Hence, the Nakla app will undoubtedly create a buzz in the investment market due to its ease of use. 

Though there is still time for the final launch of the app, this is an excellent opportunity for the investors to capitalize on the scenario. We focuses on bringing all the mutual funds and other trading options under one roof and helps the investors to choose their investments wisely. Every transaction conducted via the app is secure and entirely confidential.

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