Nakla Announces the Launch of its Free Online Academy

August 16, 2022

Nakla is soon going to launch its Online Academy to help individuals and investors enhance their knowledge in the finance sector for free.

Areej M Alturki
Areej M Alturki
Founder, Nakla

Nakla, a Saudi Arabia-based platform, has announced its Online Academy's launch to educate investors about financing sector. 

Our free online video aims to give holistic picture about the finance world in detail to our users. This free online video is responsible for providing knowledge and information on digital banking, asset management, stocks, and mutual funds, among other things. Our experts develop video on fintech businesses as well as other stock-related materials. We aim to improve customer experience via financial management and how digital services may be introduced to meet current and future demands.

Skilled workers are in high demand in the Fintech industry. Given the increased relevance of cybersecurity in finance, the business needs personnel that is well-versed in cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, demand is projected to climb as apps, and other digital mediums gain prominence. As a result, now is an excellent opportunity for individuals to improve their abilities and gain knowledge about all the terminologies related to the fintech world.

Fintech is growing at breakneck speed. Every few months, we have seen the arrival of new technology to simplify and streamline operations. Hence, going through our free online video resource will provide you with the fundamental knowledge needed to run these technologies. You will gradually learn the sector's complexities and build confidence in dealing with new technology. 

Thus, no matter whether you are looking for videos related to how to make your first investment in stocks or detailed knowledge about IPO and many more, we have got you covered. At Nakla, our experts ensure to assist the readers in the best possible way. They prepare an easy-to-understand video that makes every concept a cakewalk to understand. Not only this, but they also include examples in the video to make the terminology crystal clear for the readers. Our online free academy video can help you obtain the basic underlying information in a much shorter period.

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